Grid: series

"The Grid: series began in 2019 and is an ongoing project. The pieces are simply titled with a numeric element sequenced according to the chronology of their inception.  Internal variations result and respond to a system imposed by the grid, transforming photographed organic images into expressive features.


Each composition relates a series of images distributed according to certain permutation algorithms organised within each grid section. The series first works (starting with Grid:03) utilise a scheme realising all permutations of numbers 1 through 4.  Later compositions explore algorithms of greater complexity going beyond the 42 schemes of earlier pieces.  


Within each piece, essential perimeter ratios of negative space establish rhythmical cadence to the visual modulations realised within the grid’s composition. Each photograph applied responds uniquely to the system, a textural phrasing follows accordingly."   - T. Reilly 



Please inquire about others in the series and further details.