The companies, institutions, and individuals listed below contribute significantly to the development and production of Reilly’s artwork. Their inclusion here acknowledges and thanks them for their generous support and invaluable expertise, as well as our public encouragement to utilise their talents and products.


Technical partners:


Remo Eyer Fine Art Printing

Zürich based Remo Eyer supplies superior quality in fine art printing and digital image processing. He produces most of Reilly’s pigment prints over 43 cm, and all his works using dye sublimation on aluminium (Chromoluxe).


Grieger GmbH

Grieger GmbH, located in Dusseldorf Germany, is part of the Heni Group. Renowned globally for their wide ranging photographic and fine art printing services. Their clients include established and emerging artists, museums, and galleries, and are uniquely skilled in producing exceptionally large scale works using a wide variety printing techniques and media. Grieger produces Reilly’s work printed directly on aluminium composite material (DIBOND), along with several of his larger scale works on paper.



This Japanese paper manufacturer offers remarkable high-quality papers designed for inkjet (pigment) printing and unique work in various mediums. Reilly often produces small scale works, working proofs, and studies using their paper.


ars-imago GmbH

One of the few surviving retail outlets in Switzerland for analogue photographic equipment and supplies (film, paper, chemicals). Their friendly staff is very knowable and always helpful.


The Wet Print

Calvin Grier's Valencia (Spain) based business is perhaps the only enterprise operating today making Carbon Transfer photographic prints. His methods are precise with an exceptional attention to detail and aesthetics. He provides other unique services and workshops related to Carbon printing and photographic printing. 


Bob Carnie Printmaking & Gallery

Another valuable source for alternative printing processes, Bob Carnie in Toronto has deep and long-standing expertise in all forms of analogue and digital photographic printing. He specialises in Gum Bichromate and Palladium printing in monochrome or multicolour techniques. To support and highlight artists working with him on printing projects, Carnie recently opened a small gallery featuring their work. Reilly has worked briefly in the past with Carnie to experiment with his printing approaches, and plans to revisit these options in the future.


Fine Art Gallery affiliates: 


Thomas McCormick Gallery


Mai36 Galerie



Institutional sources:


Columbia College


The Museum of Contemporary Photography


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago


DePaul University - School of Continuing and Professional Studies